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Fujitsu Australia Limited North Sydney, Australia

We found eFront to be the complete solution. It provided an extremely wide array of functionality, but was still simple and easy to use. The technical requirements of the solution were straightforward. We could rapidly implement the solution. Fujitsu employees have completed over 10,000 courses in the past 12 months using the eFront platform. The platform itself has proved to be very stable and low-maintenance from a technical point of view; and as it is so easy and intuitive to use, we also do not have to spend time educating users on how to go about using the tool. We have now expanded the scope of the learning content delivered via this platform to include training on other enterprise tools, corporate policies and values, and business and customer familiarisation content. After 12 months the implementation was so successful that we broadened the scope from 2500 employees to include the rest of the business (5000 employees). The eFront platform has become a standard part of the way we do business in Fujitsu Australia & New Zealand as is a preferred choice for delivering training on many subjects.

Blaise Porter
Manager Service Excellence

Kalsec Inc. Michigan, United States

eFront Enterprise allows the supervisors to track the training of their direct reports. The ability to create content to transfer/capture intellectual property is key to the success of any business and eFront does this with ease. The support of the eFront staff is the best in the industry. eFront is by far the best LMS on the market; all others are fighting for second place. I would highly recommend the eFront Enterprise LMS system to any business that wishes to be successful. Thank you eFront team!!

Kip Dudley
HR Manager

University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

eFront has been a wonderful asset to our state's Comprehensive System of Personnel Development. We have approximately 2000 individuals who must complete coursework which is housed in our eFront LMS in order to earn their credential. eFront has allowed us to be able to effectively and efficiently manage all of our participants, track learning, run reports and collect information that we were not able to collect before eFront. Everyone in our state seems to be very pleased with the system. Many people with various levels of experience with technology have indicated that the system is very user-friendly. Not only can we track and monitor their learning, but participants can track and monitor their own learning adding personal responsibility. eFront has allowed us to streamline our credentialing process and focus our time and manpower on other things. eFront has definitely become an invaluable asset for our program!

Stephanie O. Hicklin
Training and Technical Assistance Specialist

Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. Uralsk, West Kazakhstan, Oblast

The proposed solution to the task was to implement an online Learning Management system, located in DMZ network, with connection to company network domain. Among open-source LMS / CMS solutions, eFront had the leading position in terms of integration to the corporate environment and licensing methods.The overall implementation of the LMS project was successful and delivered in time and to the beneficial result. The primary benefit of the project is that now all training courses provided by the company T&D dept can be translated into electronic format and delivered to all concerned users over company network or internet. Also all requirements for certification and tests of the Oil&Gas specific jobs are fulfilled by providing the tests online.

Anton Dyrdin
Technical Business Systems Section Head

Engel Austria GmbH Vienna, Austria

ENGEL Company has been using eFront as eLearning and Knowledge platform since 2010 and the response of our partners is consistently positive. Today more than 800 partners worldwide are connected to the eLearning platform and are part of ENGEL's global Competence management system. The eFront application and the prompt product support allow us to meet efficiently our requirements for Training and Knowledge management of ENGEL Company.

Dr. Wolfganbg Maresch
Head of Training Services

Mobile Money Limited UK

The training of our staff is essential to providing a high quality service to our customers, and with over 70 staff spread all over the UK, arranging face-to-face training can be difficult and very costly. A decision was made to investigate e-Learning Systems and how they could be used to deliver critical training to staff across a wide range of locations. We found that the eFront e-Learning solution not only gave us the ability to design impressive e-Learning Courses, but to design assessments and tests and keep a record of all training undertaken by staff. We also chose eFront as it would allow us to design an unlimited number of courses and tests for one price rather than paying per test that we created. We are excited to introduce eFront into the company and are looking forward to receiving the cost and time saving benefits of using e-Learning as an alternative to face-to-face training."

Mr. Simon Furnival
Operations Director

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