Twitter in the classroom

It’s inevitable that any medium designed for ease of communication and networking will be applied to a learning context however many educators are still trying to come to grips with Twitter, and in particular its use in the classroom.

For a comprehensive list of resources on Twitter in the classroom and workplace, check out Dr. Tony Karrer’s list here – and also Edudemic’s 100 Ways to use Twitter in Education.

There are a multitude of ways Twitter can be integrated into classroom teaching, for example: Continue reading

1000 eLearning Twitter Users Who Will Follow You Back

I love to tweet about topics such as e-Learning, educational technologies, instructional design, open source software, learning management systems, distance education. At the same time, I like to be followed by professionals that find my tweets valuable. The most of the times I follow them back. Recently I realized that several people that use Twitter and are involved in the e-Learning industry want to follow professionals with the above criteria.

As a result, I created the following list with 1000 Twitter users who will follow you back and are involved in the e-Learning industry!
=> 9th Update! 10 more were added!!! – (07/21/2011) Continue reading

The most updated and informative eLearning community on Twitter

On Twitter exists a resourceful community of e-Learning professionals. During the last 2 years I was able to exchange ideas, share thoughts, and learn from this community of practice. As a result, I have created the following list of the most updated and informative e-Learning community on Twitter.By using this list you will:

  • save  time from making your own research to find the e-Learning professionals on Twitter,
  • have the chance to communicate directly with the e-Learning professional-(s) you want and discuss issues of your concern,
  • keep your self up-to-date by reading the tweets of the experts in the e-Learning field. Continue reading