Wrapping up the year

wrapping up 2015
2015 was a good year for us, and we wish you have shared the same level of success. During the last year we experienced exponential growth with TalentLMS, we re-positioned our enterprise offering eFront and we released a new mobile app. Along the way we also got some important awards. Our restrengthened goal for 2016 is to excel on what brings value to you; to build usable and innovative learning tools that help you be a bit more productive and a lot more successful.

We started as a technology driven company and we still carry a very strong technical DNA. We consider technology as the gatekeeper for greatness. And we spend most of our work time iterating over ideas that produce tools that people actively use, as the balance between usability, simplicity and fit-to-purpose is a moving target.

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eLearning surfs the cloud: how we got invited to VentureBeat’s CloudBeat 2013

VentureBeat TalentLMS CloudBeat 2013 In layman’s terms, cloud computing is the technology which allows people like you and I to access an online service or product which resides on the internet. Instead of it being housed in a hard drive you have in your home or workplace, it’s conveniently stored on “the cloud”, available at anytime and using any device that has access to the internet.

What constitutes Cloud Computing? Here are some simple examples:

A good number of everyday internet users only realized what the ‘cloud’ was when Dropbox came out (if you don’t have an account, make sure you check it out!). Soon enough many more services would emphasize the use of the cloud later on. Something you’ve probably used forever on the internet – email – is essentially a picture of the cloud! You can access it anywhere, from any device and any changes you make on one device will take effect on all of them. Continue reading

Share the elearning love!

This Valentine’s day we thought we’d ask our dear friends and supporters to share their love for us online. Our attention has been brought to several ratings sites and we’d like to hear what your real thoughts are about us! If you have a few moments to spare, and love us (or not!) please check out the links below and let us know what you think of eFront and TalentLMS!



If you love eFront try these

  1. http://www.capterra.com/review_new?vendor_id=2007287
  2. http://www.serchen.com/company/epignosis-ltd/
  3. http://www.getapp.com/reviews/write/efront-application
  4. http://feedmyapp.com/

And if you especially love TalentLMS here are some links for you!

  1. http://www.serchen.com/company/talentlms/
  2. http://www.getapp.com/reviews/write/talentlms-application
  3. (here’s a review on TalentLMS on the FeedMyApp site) http://feedmyapp.com/review/train-your-small-business-big-boys/

This means a lot to us so thank you <3 and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day all!

Tin Can in action

Introduction to the Tin Can API:

The Tin Can API is a brand new learning technology specification that offers a simpler and more flexible way of capturing learning activities and sharing them with a variety of other systems – opening up an entire world of experiences (online and offline). A wide range of systems can now securely communicate with a simple vocabulary that captures this stream of activities.

The Tin Can API is a product of SCORM evolution – i.e. it’s practically the next generation of SCORM – and it eliminates many of the old limitations and restrictions. It is suitable for use in any kind of learning including: mobile learning, simulations, virtual worlds, serious games, real-world activities, experiential learning, social learning, offline learning, and collaborative learning. For a full introduction to Tin Can and how it differs to SCORM please see this post, or read “Tin Can Demystified” by Epignosis’ CTO, A. Papagelis.

How it works:

Statements are the ‘substance’ of the Tin Can API. Each statement corresponds to an experience that has occurred or is taking place right now. The Tin Can API uses (JSON formatted) statements containing any activity that needs to be recorded and sends them to a Learning Record Store (LRS). Each statement uses this simple form: “someone did something” or [actor]+[verb]+[object]. Continue reading

eFront 3.6.12 just released

What better time for new toys if not Christmas!

Today we would like to announce a new version of eFront. This maintenance update includes important speed optimizations, full text-search for documents for our enterprise clients, a module to bootstrap modules production, a new sleek modern theme, dozens upon dozens of minor bug fixes, and several tweaks to make your favorite tool even more enjoyable!

As we pick up once more on eFront development we will reuse some of the TalentLMS visuals and functions for a next version scheduled for March.  All eFront development is being done ensuring compatibility with previous eFront versions. This is a hard requirement that slightly limits our ability to improve everything we wanted to improve; but ensures an easy transition to the newest eFront version for all of you.

Below you can find short description of some of the key elements in this version: Continue reading

TalentLMS: Multiple languages, TinCan, big uploads & more

You are awesome!

We would like to personally thank all of you who helped us spread the news about TalentLMS. It has been 7 weeks since our official release and more than 1400 accounts have been created since then! We have very ambitious plans for TalentLMS and we will keep improving it whilst maintaining its aesthetic integrity and simplicity.

Today we would like to announce a new product update that includes many important additions. Continue reading for a list of what’s new! Continue reading

eFront vs TalentLMS

This is part 2 of our series on TalentLMS. To read part 1, please click here http://blog.efrontlearning.net/2012/10/the-new-kid-on-the-block-talentlms.html

So, now we have two LMSs – eFront and TalentLMS. Both products share characteristics but they are also very different in some very important aspects. In this post I will try to better clarify the main differences to help you choose the LMS that best fits your needs. Continue reading

The new kid on the block – TalentLMS

You may have already heard the rather exciting news that TalentLMS was released on Oct 5th. Since then we’ve been bombarded with questions on how it’s different to eFront, how they complement eachother, what the benefits and features are, why you’d choose one over the other etc. so we’ve got together a two-part blog post to cover all your questions. Today we will answer your basic questions and the second post from CTO Athanasios Papagelis will come in the next week, and that will cover TalentLMS use cases and show you how, depending on your needs, you may choose TalentLMS over eFront or vice versa.

So just what is TalentLMS?

In a nutshell, TalentLMS is a handy learning platform for small and medium organizations. It’s aimed at “democratizing learning” by making premium elearning technologies affordable and accessible to all companies – no matter what the size. What’s more, TalentLMS is really simple and there is no need to install, upgrade or backup anything since everything runs from the CLOUD. Continue reading

NEWS: Epignosis eFront unveils TalentLMS

A super-easy, cloud-based learning platform for small organizations

Epignosis Ltd., a global provider of Enterprise and Open Source learning management systems, including the multiple award-winning eFront LMS, today announced the release of TalentLMS – Epignosis’ newest product-as-a-service, specifically built for small organizations.

TalentLMS redefines what provides real value to small organizations by eliminating superfluous functions, enforcing the aesthetic integrity of the user interface and content presentation, and emphasizing the reuse of already existing training material, content and multimedia. TalentLMS maximizes training output and saves organizations both time and money. Continue reading

TalentLMS is NOT in BETA anymore

After several months of Beta testing and refining, TalentLMS has been officially released today, October 5th. This is just the first of many steps towards building the best learning tool for small organizations. And boy, we have a very active Roadmap.TalentLMS is based on People, Principles and Technology. In this short post I would love to talk a bit about all three of them. Continue reading