Introduction to Evaluation in eLearning

Evaluation is the key component of any e-Learning course or program that focuses on continuous improvement. Several professionals involved in the e-Learning industry asked me to provide them a set of resources around the evaluation in e-Learning.Evaluation enables us to:

  • determine the quality, effectiveness, and continuous improvement of the e-Learning,
  • understand the pros and cons of the e-Learning courses or programs, and
  • make improvements.

This post is the first of a series of posts concerning evaluation in e-Learning and I will focus on the introduction to evaluation in e-Learning.

The most people believe that evaluation occurs after e-Learning has been completed. Wrong! Evaluation occurs:

  1. Before the e-Learning (needs assessment) to plan e-Learning
  2. During the e-Learning (formative evaluation) to make improvements, and
  3. After the e-Learning (summative evaluation) to determine outcomes.

Here is a list that will introduce you to the evaluation in e-Learning Continue reading