Create richer learning and talent development experiences with H5P in eFrontPro 4.4

eFrontPro 4.4 H5P Integration

Most of you probably already know that eFrontPro’s 4.4 update release has very recently been, err, released. (And for those that are just finding out this, you can read more about the release here  — and install it immediately thanks to eFrontPro’s one-click update option).

What you might have easily missed though, among all the great new functionality this nominally minor but feature-wise major eFrontPro 4.4 update brought, is a little something called H5P integration. Continue reading

Epignosis announces Bronze Sponsorship of the ATD 2016 Exposition (Denver, CO – May 22-25 2016)

Epignosis Bronze Sponsorship of ATD 2016

Colorado, or “the Centennial State”, is known for its beautiful state parks, its fabulous mountains and ski slopes, being home to the Denver Broncos and the fictional (and, amusingly enough, the real) South Park, and for being the microbrewery capital of America.

It’s also the state hosting this year’s Association for Talent Development (ATD) conference — the event you can’t afford to miss if you are interested in the latest developments in Talent Development. Continue reading

Make your talent thrive with eFrontPro

Make your talent thrive with eFront Pro

In the modern information economy, where talent is one of the most precious resources and the landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees gets ever more competitive, a combined Learning and Talent Development strategy, along with an appropriate HR focus, is the not-so-secret weapon of many a successful enterprise.

With eFrontPro you can have the best of both worlds — a capable eLearning system combined with strong Talent Development features, a combination that allows you to shape and develop your workforce in the ways needed to move your company forward and help it achieve its goals. Continue reading

6 Important Considerations When Building Your Corporate Training Strategy

successful training strategy

With an increasing number of enterprises and organizations adopting eLearning, or extending their existing online training programs, eLearning has now become an essential tool for business development.

Merely deploying an eLearning solution and hoping for the best, however, will just not do.

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Custom eFrontPro Integrations Made Easy With Zapier

integrate efrontpro with zapier

There’s a well known saying that “No man (or woman for that matter) is an island”. Well, your eLearning management system should not be an island either.

When it’s used in the enterprise space, a modern LMS should be able to connect to all kinds of internal (intranet) and third party (Cloud) services, programs and tools.

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eLearning for the Manufacturing Industry with eFrontPro


Who doesn’t like things?

I know I do. And most of the things I like, from laptops and smartphones to cars and hi-fi speakers are created by the aptly named manufacturing industry.

It’s really difficult to overstate the importance of the manufacturing sector for the economy. It creates jobs, attracts investments and feeds exports.

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8 LMS Requirements For Corporate Training

lms requirements for corporate training

During the last 10 years, improvements in mainstream eLearning offerings, widespread availability of broadband connectivity and developments in web technologies have helped make eLearning not just a useful educational tool but also an essential part of corporate training.

So much, in fact, that eLearning in general and corporate online training, also known as “enterprise online training”, in particular, have become a hundred billion dollar market.

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