LMS Market Report (and how eFront Delivers)


An LMS platform is an essential tool for the modern enterprise and organization. But, with all the available options and vendors, finding one with the right balance of features to cover all your educational and business needs can be quite daunting. Fortunately, there’s some help coming your way. Software Advice, the Texas based software experts offering detailed reviews, comparisons and advice to software buyers have just released their latest annual report for the LMS market.

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Growth of online learning

elearning_TreeOfKnowledgeIn recent years, online learning has exponentially increased in popularity. Technological innovations have enabled people of all ages to learn from a distance and by utilizing a variety of different mediums; from video tutorials to info graphics and slideshows. It is staggering how online much learning has evolved over the years, and how it continues to revolutionize modern educational practices.

With the creation of the World Wide Web in the 1990s, educational institutions soon began to incorporate technology within their educational practices.In 1994, the very first online curriculum was introduced by CALCampus. Their online school was made available for several major telecommunications networks; including PC-Link, AppleLink, AOL and CompuServe amongst others. Significantly, in early 1995, CALCampus Online Campus made its online school available through the Internet as CALCampus.com. In this way, CALCampus was instrumental in introducing the concept of online-based schools for the public; enabling real-time classroom tutorials to take place via the Internet.

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