Top Tools for Online Teaching

Recently Top5 Online published a list of the 99 Top Tools For Online Teaching, including eFront. The list includes some of our favorite resources too so heres an extract of the article.

Teaching Tools & Technologies

Videos, slideshows, games, and interactive group activities are all part of the online teacher’s toolbelt, and when a teacher is as savvy with technology as the students, amazing things can happen in an online classroom. These tools for online teachers and learners can improve communication between participants who may be thousands of miles apart geographically, but learning together in a shared technologically enabled space.

1. Articulate Studio


Articulate Studio is a tool for authoring eLearning course materials, and the company keeps a blog that updates on happenings concerning education and how it ties into technology. Posts highlight different innovations, as well as walls that people typically run into when trying to innovate in the EdTech community or work in online learning.

2. The Sloan Consortium


Tap into Sloan-C for community, insight, inspiration, education, and professional resources geared specifically to online educators. A membership in this organization can provide numerous other benefits that can add clout to your resume.

3. Online Learning and Distance Education Resources


Online Learning and Distance Education Resources is run by Tony Bates and is dense with tools for improving distance education around the world. With quality commentary and up-to-date news, the site is incredibly thorough and helpful for teachers looking to expand their breadth of knowledge.

4. SmartBuilder


SmartBuilder is a suite of point-and-click authoring tools for elearning courses. Since building courses with SmartBuilder doesn’t require the user to write any code, it is accessible and easy to learn for any user with an interest in constructing their own online course.

5. Turnitin


How would you like to use software that checks against plagiarism, reduces grading time, improves feedback to students, and engages those students? Turnitin offers all this and more to help make the online educational experience one to fully savor as it evaluates and improves student writing.

6. Prezi


Simply put, Prezi is a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations so viewers can better see your ideas, understand them, and remember them. The smart folks are already using this too, from bestselling authors to business leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe. Continue reading

How to create training videos with Camtasia

At eFront we have created all our video tutorials using Camtasia so we wanted to share with you our tips and tricks in a step-by-step guide!

Step 1: Build your scenario

The first and most important step is building the scenario of your video tutorial. It should be a detailed description of the functionality (or whichever content you choose to portray) that will be presented. The more descriptive it is the easier it will be for you to capture your video.


Step 2: Capture your video.

Using your scenario as a guide, start the procedure that you want to show. When ready click on the rec button to capture your screen.  Note that you can change the capturing dimensions so that you get the best quality.


When you are done stop the capture and click to save and edit the video.

Step 3: Editing your video Continue reading

Open Source eLearning Network Event

eLN-logoOn July 12th, 2013 in Birmingham, England, the eLearning Network will be holding a day of practical case studies, sharing experiences and debate which will cover how you should procure the technologies to support learning in your organization. There will also be a number of experienced speakers and panel members present who will discuss topics such as: An introduction to open source elearning tools, Open Source LMS – Wouldya? Couldya? Shouldya’ and more.

You will also be able to explore a vast array of LMSs, authoring tools and other technologies including eFront, Exe, Ilias, Moodle, Xerte to name but a few. Continue reading

Partner story: FusedLearning

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with eFront partner FusedLearning. FusedLearning is a learning solutions provider that offers technology and services in learning management and mobile education – and FusedLearning has partnered with Epignosis and eFront Learning to offer comprehensive online learning business solutions.

With eFront, FusedLearning is able to provide organizations in the United States access to a LMS that addresses vital training requirements for small, medium and large organizations and educational institutions that is easy to use and yet provides access to IT staff to tailor the LMS to their organizations needs.

“Prior to teaming up with eFront, we reviewed over 5 other top LMS companies and none had the ease-of-use, flexibility and growth capabilities that eFront provides out of the box.”

To read more check out our Partner story on Slideshare:

Infographic: Social Tools in the Workplace

Microsoft recently conducted a major global survey on enterprise social use and perceptions. Microsoft wanted to find out more about the uses — or lack of use — of social tools in business. What social tools were most common, what tools were restricted and how far would people go to get their hands on those tools? The infographic you see here reveals how nearly 10,000 information workers around the world view social tools. The survey results are can also be read as a PDF here. Continue reading