Part 2: Using Facebook as a learning platform (videos)

For those who missed last week’s post “Part 1: Using Facebook as a learning platform” we shared some important links for instructors interested in using Facebook with students.

This week I would like to share my favorite YouTube videos on the subject!

1. Using Facebook to teach: Bullis School teacher Sara Romeyn talks about using Facebook as a teaching tool in her AP U.S. History Class.

2. Facebook used in the college classroom: Continue reading

Part 1: Using Facebook as a learning platform

facebook-for-learningLet’s start this post by stating that Facebook was not actually created as a learning platform, it can however clearly be used to enhance and support elearning. Facebook is STILL the most convenient way to get connected to friends, get updated on existing friends, find new people, build relationships and express identities – so the big Facebook advantage is that your audience is most definitely there. Facebook makes it easy to network and interact with other virtual students, and because most people know how to use Facebook they don’t need to become familiar with a new platform.

It’s also relatively easy to create apps for Facebook, making it a great canvas for developers to add cool new functionality and get users involved pretty quickly. We have written about Facebook apps for elearning before in this post!

For those interested in using Facebook with students the following links may be of use: [Resource: Facebook as an “interactive learning resource”?]

1) Stephen Heppell: Using Facebook in the Classroom This page outlines the dos and don’ts of using Facebook with students. Examples include the following (and much more):

  • Do – build a separate teacher page for your “teacher” presence.
  • Do – keep your teacher and personal page very separate
  • Do – post pictures of school/lessons/trips – even diagrams you put on the board (snap them with your phone and post them) – it reminds students that you are there, generates a pride in the school and reminds them that this is not a vacuous space!
  • Don’t – ‘friend’ students yourself – not even as your “teacher” presence.
  • Don’t – accept complete ignorance of Facebook as an excuse for dangerous school policies like blanket bans. Instead offer to be an action researcher, and try it out for a year. Continue reading

Step-by-step guide to WordPress and eFront integration


To install the eFront WordPress plugin go to: Administration Panels > Plugins > Add New and search for eFront. Find the plugin and click Install Now.

Installing eFront WP plugin

Installing eFront WP plugin

Alternatively, you can download the eFront WP plugin (v2.2.4) from here. After downloading the plugin, extract its contents into the WordPress plugins folder. You can find more information about managing and installing WordPress plugins here.

After you install the plugin you can find it in the list of installed plugins (Administration Panels > Plugins > Installed Plugin). There click on the link ‘Activate’.

Continue reading

Why SCORM 2004 failed & what that means for Tin Can

“SCORM 2004 is dying (if not already dead!).” Now that might seem like a strong statement but it’s the sad truth. For the careful observer there are many signs to support this view, and here are a few of them:

Sign #1: 75% of packages are still on SCORM 1.2, 10 years after the initial release of SCORM 2004 [1] [2]


Sign #2: There is no certification process for tools and packages for the latest SCORM 2004 4th edition. This is the case although several years have passed since 4th release. Currently, someone can be a 4th edition adopter but *not* certified. [3]

Sign #3: ADL itself heavily supports Tin Can as the successor of SCORM.[4]

In essence, SCORM 2004 always lived in the shadow of SCORM 1.2. Now, with the introduction of Tin Can API it seems certain that its adoption rate will decline even further.

Reasons SCORM 2004 Failed

There are a multitude of reasons why SCORM 2004 failed. Here are most prominent (and yes, we refer to SCORM 2004 in the past tense quite deliberately): Continue reading

eFront V3.6.13 has just been released!

Today we would like to announce a new version of eFront! :)

The most notable addition to this version is Tin Can support. We took the time to bundle also several UI improvements, a WordPress integration plugin, a new introductory course, and a number of additional enhancements  to make your favorite learning tool even better.

So check out what’s new!

Tin Can

This is the first version of eFront with internal support for Tin Can.  eFront has implemented the 0.95 version of the standard, which is the most recent one. On top of the implementation you will find a robust way to filter down the reports per user, action or module. Continue reading

Vote Now For Best of Elearning! Awards 2013

Polls are now open for The Best of Elearning! 2013 Awards! Now in its 9th year, Elearning! Magazine allows eLearning professionals to nominate elearning products and services each year.  Readers and users of elearning solutions can nominate and vote for solutions across 27 different categories until May 1st and The Best of Elearning! Awards will be honored at the Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo on August 26th at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, and showcased at ELCE and ELCE Virtual.

eFront LMS has been a Best of Elearning! award winner for the past 2 consecutive years and we need your help to make it 3 years in a row!

If you have 1 minute (and you know you do! 😉 ) please click on the link below to vote for eFront Learning in the following categories:

  • Category #1: Best Learning Management System (SaaS, Cloud-based, or open-source only)
  • Category #2: Best Learning Management System (Enterprise-based, behind the firewall)
  • Category #27: Best Open Source Solutions (Any category)

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Click on the “vote now” link below
  2. Fill in categories 1, 2 &/or 27 with your own reasons of course :)
  3. Scroll down the page, fill in your details and click submit!

Click to vote now

And here’s why your vote matters to us

“In a recent survey, more than 85% of respondents have personally recommended an e-learning solution to a peer over the last 12 months. And, 61% agreed that award-recognition impacted their decision to consider or purchase from the vendor. The Elearning! Awards program formalizes this process by publishing the recommendations of e-learning users and honoring “Best-in-Class” solutions.” ~ ELearning! Magazine

If you’re interested in seeing previous winners (& we were amongst them ;)) – please click here

Thank you from the team at eFront!