Smart Companies Support Informal Learning

“It’s critical that training and development professionals not go overboard with command and control when they support informal learning. If they do they are likely to kill it. And since informal learning makes up the bulk of learning inside organizations, this could be a truly perilous move.”   ~ Patti Shank, Director of Research at The eLearning Guild

How can we define informal learning?

Michael Eraut, professor of education at the University of Sussex Institute of Education in the UK, says that we often treat informal learning as a ‘leftover’ to describe learning that “does not take place within, or follow from, a formally organised learning programme or event.”

Eraut explains informal by defining what it is not, i.e. by defining “formal learning” as having any of the following:  a prescribed learning framework; an organized learning event or package; the presence of a designated teacher or trainer; the award of a qualification or credit; the external specification of outcome. Patti Shank, Director of Research at The eLearning Guild, provides a better definition (what it is rather than what it is not!) – a definition adapted from Saul Carliner’s book, Informal Learning Basics: informal learning includes situations where the learner determines some or all combinations of the process, location, purpose, and content, and may or may not even be aware that instruction has occurred. Continue reading

The new kid on the block – TalentLMS

You may have already heard the rather exciting news that TalentLMS was released on Oct 5th. Since then we’ve been bombarded with questions on how it’s different to eFront, how they complement eachother, what the benefits and features are, why you’d choose one over the other etc. so we’ve got together a two-part blog post to cover all your questions. Today we will answer your basic questions and the second post from CTO Athanasios Papagelis will come in the next week, and that will cover TalentLMS use cases and show you how, depending on your needs, you may choose TalentLMS over eFront or vice versa.

So just what is TalentLMS?

In a nutshell, TalentLMS is a handy learning platform for small and medium organizations. It’s aimed at “democratizing learning” by making premium elearning technologies affordable and accessible to all companies – no matter what the size. What’s more, TalentLMS is really simple and there is no need to install, upgrade or backup anything since everything runs from the CLOUD. Continue reading

Moodle and eFront side-by-side

This article has been reposted from the Wyver Solutions blog. The original article may be found here:

With eFront’s recent string of awards, I thought it was about time I took a look at this relative newcomer to the open source Learning Management System market.
For many years, Moodle has been most people’s port of call when looking for an open source LMS (or Virtual Learning Environment in the education sector). Yes, there are many others, such as Atutor, Dokeos and Sakai, but they just haven’t had the same impact as Moodle. Continue reading

Another quest, this time in Japan

No matter how many times I have boarded the plane to discover a new place, every time I am amazed. This time around, the mission was a business trip to Tokyo, Japan.  A trip over to the land of the rising sun, to meet local business people, uncover opportunities for partnerships for eFront and hopefully uncover some of Japan’s hidden treasures.

Representing StartTech Ventures as part of the Greek business delegation exhibiting at Tokyo’s CEATEC 2012, Japan’s largest IT and electronics exhibition and conference – I landed at Narita airport on Sunday 30th September. What followed was an intense week full of business meetings, commuting frenzy, cultural epiphanies, politeness, cleanliness and good manners – all in large quantities. Epignosis’ Sales Director, George Kalfas, flew over for a few days too and we attended some very successful meetings together. We also did a short sightseeing tour of Tokyo and had a nice drink on one of the highest buildings in town, with a view over Tokyo by night. Everything is in place in Tokyo. Everything in order. Japan-style. Continue reading

Forrester: 66% of Employees Use 2 or More Devices at Work, 12% Use Tablets

The following is an excerpt from an article published on

Forrester’s latest report on mobile adoption in the enterprise found that 66% of employees now use two or more devices every day, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. A smaller, but notable 12% percent said they now use tablets at work. That’s still far fewer than the 50% who report only using a desktop, or the 82% who use a desktop alone or alongside other devices. Continue reading

NEWS: Epignosis eFront unveils TalentLMS

A super-easy, cloud-based learning platform for small organizations

Epignosis Ltd., a global provider of Enterprise and Open Source learning management systems, including the multiple award-winning eFront LMS, today announced the release of TalentLMS – Epignosis’ newest product-as-a-service, specifically built for small organizations.

TalentLMS redefines what provides real value to small organizations by eliminating superfluous functions, enforcing the aesthetic integrity of the user interface and content presentation, and emphasizing the reuse of already existing training material, content and multimedia. TalentLMS maximizes training output and saves organizations both time and money. Continue reading

TalentLMS is NOT in BETA anymore

After several months of Beta testing and refining, TalentLMS has been officially released today, October 5th. This is just the first of many steps towards building the best learning tool for small organizations. And boy, we have a very active Roadmap.TalentLMS is based on People, Principles and Technology. In this short post I would love to talk a bit about all three of them. Continue reading

Thank you voters! Epignosis eFront LMS Won the Best of ELearning! Award

ELearning! Media Group Awarded Epignosis for Best Open Source Solution

We’re very happy to announce that Epignosis eFront won the Best of Elearning! Award for Best Open Source Solution, and an Award of Excellence for Best Learning Management System (SaaS, Open-Source, or Content Supplier) at the annual Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, CA which were held last week, September 26th. So a big thank you must go out to all our voters!

The Elearning! Media Group’s Best of Elearning! Awards are the exclusive reader’s choice awards program for elearning products and services. Recipients are chosen by Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines’ reader community via an open-ended online ballot. Altogether, 72 products across 21 categories were named best-in-class by learning professionals and executives in 2012, and approximately 3881 nominations were collected over the balloting period. Continue reading