Latest eFront news: On our cloud-offering & Community++

Introducing our cloud offering!
As many of our users already know, we’ve been working on eFront-4 for some time now. During this lengthy process we have come across two major discoveries:
  1.  Firstly, we witnessed a strong movement towards cloud, lean and mobile solutions for eLearning. Cloud comes with several benefits for the client and allows one to offer a more integrated and smoother experience.   The lean movement offers simpler, focused solutions that emphasize practicality over completeness.
  2.  Secondly, as we were making progress on eFront-4 it became obvious that the core changes were of such a magnitude that it would be impossible to offer compatibility with the current eFront offering. A transition would have offered little benefit for current customers since they would have to start their implementation from scratch.

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Podcasting like a pro! (Part 1)

OK, so you’ve decided you’d like to create a podcast series. What next?

Once you’ve set up your blogging platform (I’m partial to WordPress which has great plugins for podcasts!), you’re ready to start creating content…

Let’s assume you are creating a podcast series for an organization – since a podcast series would logically be part of your company’s marketing strategy you must know exactly what you want to achieve by it. Your goal will be a deciding factor in driving the kind of content you will create.
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On joining the eFront community

After several years in social media / communications for new technologies, with a focus on the elearning industry (and of course, after having been an avid reader of the eFront blog myself!), I have now joined the eFront team. And I’m excited to be part of the eFront community!

I like blogging about social media, social learning, the future workplace, how culture affects learning, workplace collaboration,learning and talent management, innovation and disruptive technologies. I began my career in tertiary education, and then gravitated towards social media communications, blogging and community building. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many innovative products in the eLearning industry, but eFront always stood out with its flourishing online community (and reasons listed below!).

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A short history of nearly everything

Here is a book that I found an excellent source of inspiration on many fronts: 
 “A short history of nearly everything”by Bill Bryson
The book describes general sciences such as chemistry, paleontology,astronomy, and particle physics. In it, the author explores the time between the Big Bang to the discovery of quantum mechanics, via evolution and geology. Bryson tells the story of science through the stories of the people who made the discoveries, such as Edwin Hubble, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein.