The gradebook module

The brand new eFront’s gradebook module combines results from online activities (tests, participation, projects) and offline activities (written tests, teacher judgment,…) to produce grades for users. When combining the activities we can use different weights for different activities. The gradebook module uses a formula to convert scores for activities to an aggregated lesson score at a range from 1 and 100 – and subsequently to a grade (e.g, A, B, C, Fail, Pass) depending on how it is setup.

Let’s see a practical example. Continue reading

Building an advanced eFront theme using CSS3 elements

Although HTML5 and CSS3 are still under development ( most current browsers support a reasonable portion of html5 and css3 elements (with the remarkable exception of IE 8 *)

CSS3 introduces, among others, a way to create rounded boxes and add shadow for letters and boxes. Using just these 3 elements we can produce a high quality variation of an eFront theme with minimum changes and increased readability. Continue reading