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Recently, we had the change to discuss with S├ębastien Fraysse, the Webmaster behind about eFront. S├ębastien will post this interview on his website soon (translated in French). We though it would be beneficial to post the answers on our blog as well as it gives a quick overview of the current status of the project. Continue reading

Exclusive offers for eFront facebook fans

In a step towards an integrated social media strategy, Epignosis has announced that will proceed to 26 successive biweekly exclusive offers just for the fans of the eFront page on facebook.

The first exclusive offer was announced on Wednesday April 7th, 12:00 GMT, while the second will be announced on Wednesday April 21st, 12:00 GMT and the 26th on Wednesday March 25th, 2011.

The content the first exclusive offer is the following:

The first exclusive offer for the members of the eFront facebook community is a flat 25% discount for any on-line eFront purchase! Please contact the page administrators or drop an email at for getting your discount coupon.

This first exclusive offer will be valid until Wednesday April 21st, 12:00 GMT. Please contact us for getting your discount coupons!

Visit the eFront price-list for hosted and non-hosted versions:

Exclusive facebook discount to be applied on these prices.

Epignosis is committed to providing the highest level of Customer support and to continuously evolve the eFront platform for meeting the most demanding standards of the human capital management and the e-learning industry. Moreover, we are committed to returning the loyalty of our on-line communitythrough special, exclusive offers just for them.

ADL accepts eFront as SCORM 2004 adopter

eFront is an LMS commited to international standards. Through time we offered support for SCORM 1.2 and IMS Common Catridge and with version 3.6 we offer support for the latest iteration of SCORM 2004, its 4th edition.

Now, ADL acknowledges our support for the latest development of SCORM by approving Epignosis’s submission to become a SCORM 2004/4th edition adopter. You can check eFront’s acceptance page on ADL’s site at:

The process for becoming a SCORM adopter includes submission and validation of the original, unedited Summary and Detailed Test Logs showing the Level of Conformance produced by the latest version of the Conformance Test Suite for the respective SCORM version.

Currently, eFront is one out of three systems worldwide that have achieved this level of conformance! For more info on SCORM adopters you can check the related ADL’s page located at: